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Partner with Deeyook and Be Part of the Location Tracking Revolution

Together we are stronger! We’re on a mission to reach new frontiers in location solutions - indoors or outdoors. From the smallest piece of inventory to the largest shipping container, Deeyook enables companies across industries to know the exact location in real-time of their most important assets.
Join us on this quest and offer your customers increased efficiency, productivity, and security with an accurate and reliable location-tracking solution.

Why partner with us?

Optimized solutions

Upgrade your service offerings for your customers without additional infrastructure costs as Deeyook leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

New capabilities

Achieve submeter accuracy and effortless scalability to enhance and extend the abilities of your existing end-to-end solutions.

Global expansion

Connect with a global network of partners, facilitating collaborations and expansion into new markets and a broader customer base.

Here’s what a Deeyook partnership offers you:

Actionable Insights

AI-powered analytics leverages data from connected assets and digital twins to identify and prioritize critical issues.


Location services can be used to optimize routing, scheduling, and dispatching of service personnel, leading to more timely and efficient service delivery and resource usage. For example, perishable or expensive packages can be prioritized and handled first.


Precise real-time tracking of goods throughout the supply chain, enables shipment monitoring, delay reductions, and enhanced overall supply chain management.


Tracking physical assets such as equipment, vehicles, and inventory enables better asset utilization, reduced loss, improved maintenance scheduling, improved stock control, and efficient order fulfillment.

Partner with Deeyook and Give your Clients the Competitive Edge

Software Partners

We partner with leading ERP, WMS, TMS, MES, YMS, and other solution suppliers as well as companies focused on geofencing, asset tracking, and safety navigation. Integrating Deeyook’s state-of-the-art precise location-tracking technology into these products and solutions enhances visibility and efficiency, ultimately boosting productivity.

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Hardware Partners

Calling all members of the Wi-Fi hardware ecosystem, Wi-Fi chip suppliers, and producers of Wi-Fi-based IoT devices! If you want to ensure that your products include highly accurate location tracking, then Deeyook is the partner for you.
Whether you are developing custom solutions for a client or creating new devices, let’s work together to support the digital transformation and deliver the next generation of IoT solutions that include precise, reliable, scalable, low-power Wi-Fi-based location tracking.

Integration Partners

From design to deployment, customers come to IT and Wi-Fi network integrators for your one-stop shop and provision of an entire suite of solutions. Whether you are a system integrator, value-added reseller, or vertical solution provider, elevate your business above the competition by combining your IT and wireless networking expertise with Deeyook’s precise location-as-a-service capabilities. You’ll give your customers an end-to-end solution that includes seamless connectivity and communication between all hardware and software components along with full location-tracking capabilities.

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