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Full Time

​Job #34572

Well versed in problem solving methodologies, to work with external experts on location learning and predicting using the Deeyook wireless sensor attributes. The real-time ML is distributed among mobile devices and a cloud service. B.Sc./M.Sc. in Exact Mathematical Sciences or Engineering is required

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Full Time

​Job #77682

To develop a software-based sensor. Self-contained, bare-metal firmware development. Capable of engineering machine code, potentially work with compiler plugins, acquaintance with wireless protocols is an advantage. Verifiable past experience in low-level software development is mandatory.


Full Time

​Job #20048

Description: Design and Development of an IoT wireless location tag, in software, from scratch, in C, running a thin scheduler such as FreeRTOS.

Responsibilities: over the design and development of a full fledged, stand alone, IoT software product.

Qualifications: At least three years of relevant experience. B.Sc or M.Sc in exact Sciences is required.

Full Time

​Job #18733

Description: Manage the development of a software product, providing location services.Assimilation and integration of data science algorithms developed in-house, development of a wireless network, connecting with location tags, development of the location database, interfacing with external services such as mapping, navigation, asset management, geo-fencing, etc.


Responsibility: over product spec, in collaboration with the PM, implementation according to plan, reaching product grade. Direct management of software engineers.


Qualifications:  exceptional managerial plus hands on skills in python programming, software profiling and optimization, application of revision and bug control tools, quality management, specing software modules including external API.  At least seven years of relevant experience is required. Computer science or Electrical Engineering degree and applicable experience are required.


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Full Time

​Job #17592

Description: Development of a tool to modify specific firmware, in binary form, to add new specific functionality to the device. The tool comprises compiler plugins, manual and automated disassembly, injector of C and assembler code into the baseline firmware.

Responsibilities: over the development of the tool, over the development of the enhanced firmware, reaching product grade.

Qualifications: know-how and skills in the development of code in binary form, familiarity of binary tools (linker, disassembler, etc.) advanced compiler tools, C and assembler programming of network devices.  Computer science or Electrical Engineering degree is required.



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