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Integrate real-time location systems for precise industrial tracking

Maintain total control over the entire production process with continuous real-time location tracking of every piece of inventory, equipment and more. Keep costs down and productivity up by eliminating manual scanning and using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for live location monitoring.

Precise Indoor Tracking Using Wi-Fi Access Points

Deeyook’s unique technology leverages existing Wi-Fi access points, enabling manufacturers to deploy the solution and scale up as needed without investing in additional infrastructure. 
Unlike traditional RSSI-based systems, Deeyook uses interferometry - an angles-based approach that uses existing infrastructure to calculate highly accurate asset locations even in challenging environments.

Use Cases of RTLS in Manufacturing Plants

RTLS provides manufacturers with the real-time accurate location of their most important assets, saving time and money:

Lost or Misplaced Tools

Lost or misplaced tools can bring production lines to a screeching halt, incurring significant financial losses. Deeyook eliminates wasted “search and find” time, ensuring that tools are readily available, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Scanning Boxes

Scanning boxes to verify contents is tedious and resource intensive. Deeyook enables continuous monitoring of every item throughout the production journey, providing complete transparency into the contents of each box upon arrival at the assembly line. Time is saved and production is expedited. 

Inefficient Routing and Utilization of Forklifts

Inefficient routing and utilization of forklifts and other machinery can create bottlenecks and hinder production output. Deeyook reveals the real-time location of every forklift, allowing for optimized route planning and resource allocation for maximum efficiency. 

Key Benefits of Precision RTLS for Manufacturing Companies

End-to-end visibility, digitized supply chain, and continuous chain of custody are provided by Deeyook's precise RTLS technology for seamless manufacturing workflows. Make the most of your assets and workforce, and

improve decision-making with location intelligence and analytics. Our industrial tracking solutions result in:

Increased Operational Efficiency

Eliminate manual asset tracking of boxes, tools, inventory, and track heavy equipment.
Optimize assembly line processes and manufacturing workflows.
Minimize impact of product recalls by pinpointing affected parts.

Lower Costs

Less downtime and fewer bottlenecks  means more production time.
Automated processes reduce labor costs.
Minimize risk of loss or theft of equipment and materials.

Improved Employee and Customer Experience

Increased workplace safety.
Faster time-to-market of finished goods.
Easier to keep customers updated on delivery times.


Obtain accurate location data of all assets throughout the entire manufacturing plant, regardless of varying signal strength.


The solution learns and adapts to dynamic environments.


Track items with accuracy of 10 cm (4 in.).


Minimal power consumption ensures long-lasting operation.


Leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for effortless scaling up or down as needs evolve with no additional investment. 

Fast ROI

Experience rapid deployment and avoid infrastructure costs, leading to a fast return on investment.

Key Features of Our Indoor Tracking System

Deeyook in Manufacturing Facilities

Stop Downtime in its Tracks

Unplanned downtime is a thorn in the side of any factory manager. The entire production line can grind to a halt if a machine goes down and needs to be repaired. Time is money and any time spent searching for the tools required to fix a broken machine eats directly into profit.
With Deeyook Touchless Tracking, the relevant tools can be located instantaneously. A machine that goes down can be back up and running in record time, saving time, money, and headache.

Implementing RTLS in Your Manufacturing Strategy 

Set Goals:

Entify the challenges within your manufacturing plant that can be addressed by location-tracking.

Employee Training: 

Overcome potential resistance to change by communicating the benefits of RTLS and providing training for all relevant employees

Identify the Right Technology: 

Deeyook offers highly accurate, real-time location information in a scalable solution that doesn’t require expensive infrastructure purchases.

Performance Monitoring: 

Deeyook’s self-learning system adapts to changing conditions, making it easy to monitor performance metrics and fine-tune parameters to optimize accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

Site Survey:

Assess the environmental factors and physical conditions of your factory. Deeyook is designed to overcome the challenges posed by many structural issues such as high ceilings and other elements that interfere with signals.

Security & Privacy Concerns: 

Sensitive location data and employee privacy are not interrupted as Deeyook can passively read location information from Wi-Fi access points without connecting to the network and putting information at risk.

Integration with Existing Systems:

Deeyook Integrates seamlessly with many existing manufacturing software solutions.

Scalability and Future Expansion:

Deeyook is fully and easily scalable to accommodate any future growth with no need to purchase additional infrastructure. Conduct regular reviews to determine whether changes are needed to meet evolving business needs.

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