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Unlock the full potential of your production line

Maintain total control over the entire production process with continuous real-time location tracking of every piece of inventory, equipment and more. Keep costs down and productivity up by eliminating manual scanning and using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for live location monitoring.

End-to-end Visibility, digitized supply chain, and continuous chain of custody provided by Deeyook result in:

The Benefits of Deeyook’s Precision for Manufacturing Companies

Less downtime and fewer bottlenecks  means more production time.

Automated processes reduce labor costs.

Minimize risk of loss or theft of equipment and materials.

Lower Costs

Eliminate manual tracking of boxes, tools, and inventory.

Optimize assembly line processes.

Minimize impact of product recalls by pinpointing affected parts.

Increased Efficiency

Improved Employee and Customer Experience

Clear identification of logjams.

A real-time view into your inventory location.

Increased accuracy and speed of order fulfillment.

Deeyook in Action

Stop Downtime in its Tracks

Unplanned downtime is a thorn in the side of any factory manager. The entire production line can grind to a halt if a machine goes down and needs to be repaired. Time is money and any time spent searching for the tools required to fix a broken machine eats directly into profit.
With Deeyook Touchless Tracking, the relevant tools can be located instantaneously. A machine that goes down can be back up and running in record time, saving time, money, and headache.

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