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Backend Retail

Transform your inventory management process

Real-time, accurate location data on-demand for every item in the warehouse will revolutionize your business. With a dynamic digital twin, employees will be able to quickly locate inventory, ensuring that the right products are always available to fulfill customer orders promptly, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

End-to-end Visibility, digitized supply chain, and continuous chain of custody provided by Deeyook result in:

The Benefits of Deeyook’s Precision for Backend Retail Companies

Increased Efficiency

Optimize warehouse layout.

Digital twin allows for data-driven decisions in real-time.

Manage inventory levels and reduce over- or under-stocking.

Lower Costs

Minimize loss or theft of inventory.

Automated location tracking reduces labor costs.

More accurate order fulfillment means fewer returns.

Improved Employee and Customer Experience

Fast, accurate order fulfillment for satisfied customers.

Updated tracking information for clients is always available.

Free from manually searching for inventory, employees can focus on higher value tasks.

Deeyook in Action

The Magic of a Digital Twin

For a backend retail company with a large warehouse, keeping track of hundreds or thousands of inventory items can be a challenge. So much time and energy is wasted on manual searching for items and moving them to the right location in order to fulfill orders. 

With Deeyook, a digital twin of the warehouse is created and each item is able to be tracked and located in real-time. Deeyook makes it easy to streamline the inventory management process, ensuring that customers receive their orders on time while employees can focus on providing stellar customer service. 

When a pallet goes missing, alarm bells ring and stress levels rise. With Deeyook Touchless Tracking, no pallet will ever get lost. You’ll have real-time visibility into the precise location of each and every pallet, whether it is indoors or outdoors, in a wide-open space or a narrow passageway. 

Every pallet can easily be directed to the correct place at the correct time to ensure smooth and on-time order delivery and fulfillment.

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