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About Us

Discover more about Deyook and why we are passionate about Real-Time Solution Tracking (RTLS) We help customers solve operational challenges with our self-learning, firmware solution.



To bring visibility to everything that matters in a connected age and digital economy.

At Deeyook, we are committed to going the distance in the world of location solutions, refining and upgrading our offerings, providing a ubiquitous, scalable, and precise location to meet all current and future use cases.

Deeyook: Locate everything, anywhere, anytime

Deeyook is a location technology software company that offers precise location as a service (LaaS). Our solution empowers organizations in manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics to overcome their most significant operational challenges by tracking and locating assets both indoors and outdoors with sub-meter accuracy. Deeyook’s groundbreaking technology addresses issues such as lack of visibility, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions with unparalleled capabilities based on interferometry and AI. Leveraging the existing 8.5+ billion Wi-Fi access points worldwide, Deeyook passively extracts data, eliminating the need for overlay or underlay networks required for implementation. As a result, TCO is low, driving rapid ROI.

Deeyook was founded in 2019 by Gideon Rottem, CEO, and Eran Shpak, CTO. It is headquartered in Tel Aviv and has offices in Silicon Valley.

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