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Location Technology

The Deeyook patented sensor is based on wireless interferometry:

The difference in carrier phase between two free-space rays is translated into an angle: the direction of departure.

Image by Dennis Kummer

The Deeyook positioning

system is


Every sensor continuously reviews all location information within its vicinity and locates OFDM APs’ (WIFI and later LTE & 5G ) exact positions (with a 10-cm accuracy rate).


The exact position of each AP is stored in the cloud database.


A global database of APs is created that allows a new way of mapping.  


Google has spent billions of dollars wardriving to create a database of APs that features a 5-30-meter accuracy rate. A comparable Deeyook database is self-learning, self-correcting with a 4 inch accuracy rate.


Deeyook Technology

Deeyook has developed a cutting-edge software technology which allows users to accurately pinpoint their location, so long as a WiFi or cell-phone signal is available. This capability, mediated through firmware which can be installed on any WIFI/4G/5G radio access technology, allows Deeyook users to track any asset, person or vehicle, indoors and outdoors.

This software solution can be deployed on either WiFi Access Points or LTE/5G base stations OR on users' cell phones (there's no need for both) for passive location information to be obtained.

This method requires substantially less power than standard GPS solutions and works anywhere the WiFi / cell signals are available, including outdoors, in tunnels, underground parking lots, etc.

These capabilities allow for location precision of up to 4 inches, greatly exceeding any other location technology available.

The Deeyook solution relies on EXISTING WiFi and cellular signals, negating the need for any dedicated infrastructure to be deployed.

The fact that the Deeyook solution does not require dedicated hardware and makes use of existing infrastructure means that the cost of physical deployment goes down to zero. The Deeyook SW solution provides ubiquitous location tracking, importing the ubiquity of GPS to the indoor domain, while using a fraction of the power both indoors and outdoors, and assists users and businesses by providing them with instant access to their location or the location of individuals, assets, or valuables.

Deeyook's location technology is unparalleled with regards to its accuracy – it allows businesses to increase their productivity, reduce waste, and provide LBS services to customers.


Advanced Machine learning 


Unsupervised estimation of AP parameters using multivariate optimization


Location prediction using Bayesian probability maps based on physical modeling and sensitivity analysis stitching of nearby mapped areas


Embedding in WGS 84 coordinates

Alternative deployment direction of arrival:

The Technology is equally effective in reverse (The Deeyook firmware is in the infrastructure OFDM modem). Signal arrives at two antennas from the same source (mobile) and calculation happens at the infrastructure OFDM modem

Image by Shaah Shahidh

Existing cellular modem to implement WIFI location

Proprietary firmware can use cellular (LTE or 5G) modem to enable WIFI positioning

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