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Precise Asset Location Using RTLS

Locate everything, anywhere, anytime

Revolutionizing Tracking with a Next-Gen Real-Time Location Solution

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Deeyook’s precise location-as-a-service allows you to maintain a continuous, unbroken chain of custody of all assets. This self-learning, low-power firmware location solution will give you the exact location of any item in real-time, whether indoors or outdoors, in an open space or dense environment.

Your Biggest Operational Challenges - Solved!

Continuous Chain of Custody

Precisely track and locate any asset from its source to the end user with:

Full visibility into asset location, whether indoors or outdoors.

Seamless tracking along entire supply chain.

Increased trailer velocity.

Digitized Supply Chain

Ease delivery problems and fulfill orders faster with:

Clear identification of logjams.
A real-time view into your inventory location.
Increased accuracy and speed of order fulfillment.

End-to-End Visibility

Increase efficiency and optimize shipping, yard & warehouse management with:

Accurate live location tracking of every crate,

pallet, and load carrier.
Shorter lead times in assembly and production processes.
Managed risks such as theft, damage, and delays.


Get accurate asset location in both indoor and outdoor real-world environments


No need for ongoing RF and IT support as the solution automatically learns and adapts to the ever-changing environment


 Know where your assets are with an accuracy of 10 cm
(4 inches).


Deeyook offers a long run time with power consumption that is a fraction of that of a GPS


No infrastructure build out required as Deeyook leverages the existing 8.5 billion existing Wi-Fi access points worldwide

Fast ROI

With rapid deployment and no requirement for the purchase of extra infrastructure, you’ll be up and running quickly

“Deeyook” means “Precision” -
location solution offering that and more

Trusted and Recognized by Customers, Partners, and Awards

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