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Social distancing location technology (from the Deeyook lab)

Though the coronavirus pandemic and consequent social distancing guidelines are in full force, the economy is slowly returning to normal, or at least a new normal. Most places of business have since reopened but are still adjusting to the logistical and financial challenges of how to manage and regulate the flow of people in their respective vicinities. Proving especially difficult is ensuring that customers maintain a healthy distance from one another.

As most businesses don’t want to limit the number of people that enter, they’ve integrated myriad techniques, ranging from floor markers to show 6 feet (2 meters), plastic shields at checkout counters, and accessible plastic gloves and hand sanitizer. While these methods may be helpful for smaller places, they are less so in busy, high-density and confined areas. In airports, department stores, college campuses, supermarkets, schools, etc, where large numbers of people inevitably cross paths, the flow of traffic is much harder to regulate.

How Deeyook can help with social distancing

Here is where Deeyook comes in. With its non-invasive, ultra-precise location technology, Deeyook uses sensors to detect with almost perfect accuracy the location of individuals or groups in indoor and outdoor locations. This helps monitor and maintain social distancing requirements.

Think of a department store. In this use case, with one simple upgrade, Deeyook software is installed on the store’s router. This enables management to accurately track the cell phones of consumers in the store – with absolutely no invasion to their privacy. The system uses smartphones to address and determine each customer’s or employee’s position, which lets managers know whether anyone is standing closer than the designated 6 feet (2 meters) apart for more than a few seconds. If so, store security will be alerted. The same mechanism is relevant for school principals, or relevant personnel in public transportation headquarters.

Check out our lab-demo that demonstrates our technology in action:

Deeyook’s patented, wireless-based firmware solution would be especially relevant at indoor public places that require lines at various points (airports) or in places where the distance between individuals is not necessarily guaranteed (for instance, if airport automatic check-in machines or a bank’s ATMs are physically too close together). By helping management quickly, constantly and accurately identify the problem area, they can remedy the situation before it’s too late.


While the pandemic keeps raging and we wait for a vaccine, businesses must continue to operate. But, to attract and keep consumers, they must be able to provide a safe environment for them to visit. With its noninvasive, wireless tracking technology, Deeyook can help places of commerce and service maintain social distancing guidelines and consequently help their clientele feel safe – and return.

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