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Deeyook's Indoor Demo

Goodbye Manual Asset Tracking…
Hello Deeyook

From inventory, to shipping pallets, to tools and more, Deeyook has you covered. Precise touchless tracking means always knowing where your most important assets are, resulting in greater efficiency for your team and a better experience for your customers.


Unlock the full potential of your production line 

Boost productivity and reduce time to market by eliminating the need for manual scanning and reducing search time. Deeyook uses existing Wi-Fi connections to keep precise track of every asset in real-time, ensuring seamless operations and an efficient production process.

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Save time and money with real-time accurate tracking of everything from pallets to packages. Whether inside or outside, knowing where every item is means faster delivery times and happier customers.

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Transform your inventory management process

Run your business more efficiently with streamlined inventory management. A dynamic digital twin tells you exactly where every item is 100% of the time. Eliminating manual tracking leaves your employees free to focus on the more important tasks.

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